The PremiumCare Experience.

For 36 hours straight, we delighted our customers with our top-of- the-line after-sales service crafted exclusively for our premium range of laptops.

With 500+ employees working round-the-clock, 300+ stations actively delivering service, we resolved 600+ cases and gave a taste of PremiumCare to 200+ Lenovo customers.

It was a service marathon like no other.

We aren’t just saying it was huge. We’re showing it.


Received parts on priority


Got their screens replaced for free


Enjoyed free OS reinstallation


Experienced box to boot service


Given on-field support beyond 7pm


Received stand-by laptops

We delighted as promised.

Here's what our customers had to say about our service.

Jahir from Delhi got his charging adaptor fixed in no time. Here's what he has to say about team Lenovo.

Lubana goes home with a smile on her face. Let's hear about her experience.

"They took just two days to fix my screen. Very happy with the way they handled my case" - Diyanshu Anand from Bangalore.

People behind PremiumCare.

What were we upto exactly? Scroll through the videos below and view highlights of #LenovoServiceLive.

Did you miss the chance to experience PremiumCare at #LenovoServiceLive?

You can still expect us to reply within 30 mins flat, 24X7 when you tweet your PC issue to us.